Keele University
Keele, Staffordshire ST5 5BG


Central to this project was the renovation of a derelict 19th Century farmhouse.


Home Farm was selected to become the sustainability hub building.


This was turned into a completely energy efficient research and educational complex.

Project Background

Construction Details

The plans show up five main uses and distinct areas of the building:


Exhibition Area - to display the most important technologies


Resource Centre - housing both computer based and hard copy information


Training and Education Facilities – where businesses and community members can attend short courses and consult with experts


Applied Research Wing - evaluating technologies throughout the campus and elsewhere


The Earth Observatory - an 'outreach centre' to demonstrate the environmental importance of the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and the earth's mantle

At the start of the project we constructed metal stud to all external walls as a wall liner system with 70mm Kingspan and a 50mm thermal plasterboard.


All new internal walls were I stud for strength and height transfer.


The ceilings were 5 to 7 meters high which consisted of 100mm kingspan within truss and 50mm thermal over the trusses. This had optimum thermal conductivity. All boarding had to be scribed around oak beams.


We had lots of design issues to overcome due to the age of the building and thus enabling it was brought in to the 21st Century.


We worked in partnership with Alsecco using the advanced machine spray plaster application which reduced the build program by up to 4 weeks. This system also reduced the water content into the building which helped drying times and production. Alsecco spray plasters have zero gypsum content and are fully biodegradable and any waste material can be easily disposed of with no detrimental effect to the environment.


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