Macclesfield Hospital
Victoria Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 3BL


This was a part new build and part refurbishment development situated in the heart of the Macclesfield countryside. The development has enhanced the existing Blue Zone site and has exceeded all expectations of use and dramatically improved local service.


A 75-bed care home was part of the plan for the Blue Zone site. The listed clock tower building has been retained and turned into 36 affordable apartments for rent. The scheme also includes apartments, offices, shops and a gym.


Construction Details

At the start of this project we constructed metal stud walls to the external walls and formed new internal walls using double stud walls for sound and air transfer. Some internal studs had an inner layer of plywood to offer an extra element of security. All of the ceilings were MF metal system and double boarded for sound transfer.


We also worked in partnership with Alsecco using the advanced machine spray plaster application which reduced the build program by up to 3 weeks. This system also reduced the water content into the building, assisting drying times and production.


Alsecco spray plasters have zero gypsum content and are fully biodegradable and any waste material can be easily disposed of with no detrimental effect to the environment. The speed of a one 3 man team was equivalent to having five 3 man gangs of traditional plasterers, also reducing the cost for scaffolds. There is very little waste or mess. Other systems used were lay-in grid ceiling system and specialist screeding to roof terraces.


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